Wednesday, May 06, 2015

‘Tis the Season for Luminescent Skin!

I’ve tended to shy away from luminous powders on a whole as I always seem to try some that are just too much; too much shimmer or sparkle. And I’m just not too sure they are all that necessary. However, this one is definitely not(it) too shimmery and not at all sparkly and totally wearable. HOURGLASS COSMETICS’ new Ambient Lighting Bronzer ($50) is like a regular bronzer/blush with just a kick of luminosity to it. Seriously! I really thought this was going to be too much for me but it wasn’t. 


It’s available in two shades and the one I tried, shown here, was the Luminous Bronze Light. It’s described as a medium tan fused with a champagne pearl and was a nice topper to my blush to give my cheeks a slight accent like along the top 1" or so part of the cheek. I also wore it as a shadow one day. 

So if you’ve ever been on the fence with this kind of product, now’s the time to get off!


And remember, a good quality brush is important to get the best out of a product and their Ambient Powder Brush ($35) is a good one to use to apply this finely milled powder with.

The other shade available is Radiant Bronze Light (a warm bronze fused with a golden beige powder. Ideal for medium/deep complexions).

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Is this something you think you’ll be trying? 


Nidia - Lit From Within

I love my Hourglass blushes and powders, so I think I'm going to have to get a bronzer, too! They really are so luxe.

Color Me So Crazy

This looks so pretty and whimsical. I would be scared to almost use it. I love using just a little bronzer during the summer to spice up my look. Everyone needs a little summer glisten!


That brush is gorgeous! I swatched these bronzers in Sephora, and I was surprised at how light their pigmentation was. They were really pretty and glowy though!

Allison @NeverSayDieBeauty

Makes sense that they have a bronzer. I'm not a bronzer gal, but I've gotta remember to use my Ambient Lighting more often. It is so pretty


It's almost impossible to resist Hourglass with their great powders and designs.

Kristina V

Ohh, this looks so pretty and natural. I usually don't like powder highlighters for the same reason, too much shimmer or glitter.


I've been hearing great things about this bronzer but I probably have enough bronzers for the rest of my life so I haven't taken the plunge LOL.


Beautiful bronzer, and not nearly as shimmery on the skin as it looks in the packaging.

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