Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Is This Your Answer to a Perfect Manicure?

When I first saw KISS’ imPRESS Press-On Manicure kits, I thought they were nails for kids because they looked really small in the pack! I was so wrong. These are just a super wearable length for everyday wear as you can see from the photo of the Shimmer style on I’m wearing in the below picture.


Each pack comes with 30 nails total (24 nails and 6 accent nails) in 12 sizes, 1 prep pad, 1 mini file. And to apply the, simply remove the clear tab on the back of the chosen nail, and press to your nail bed. These use a pressure sensitive adhesive technology to stay on, even in water! So while the nails don’t fit my nail beds to a T, for $6.99/pack, you really can’t complain, can you? See my list of pros and cons after the jump!

From L to R: Text Appeal, Symphony, Boogie Down

From L to R: Flash Mob, Bells & Whistles, So So Stellar


  • Great looking glossy, chip-free mani for up to one week
  • Easy to apply
  • Comes in great wearable colors and varieties
  • Wearable length
  • Can be painted over if you need a change of color


  • If you don’t get the perfect placement on the nail bed, hard to adjust nail
  • If any area is lifted and you run your fingers through your hair, strands will get caught
  • Some nails sit up a little high on the nail bed
  • Can’t read numbers on inside of nail to apply the same one to each hand
  • Not super easy to remove. They can either be peeled off or soak your digits in some nail polish remover


See more info @ target.comimPRESSmanicure.com, amazon.com or pick up the different styles at various drugstores nationwide. 

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.


Allison @NeverSayDieBeauty

I've been curious about the press-on nails and you addressed all of the issues in the "cons". I'm on the fence, lol, especially about getting them off


Wow, press on nails have sure changed since the 90s! These are so pretty, and they sound like they really stay on. I remember being 9 and wearing press ons, but they'd fall off in a day and I'd find them all over the house haha

Ameerah@Valiantly Varnished

I used to use kiss products but have since stopped after I learned that they stole nail art ideas from nail artists on Instagram without paying or crediting them for it. I was so disappointed and angered by that.


I don't use nails like these but I would if I couldn't grow my own. It's nice to see a shorter nail bed so that you don't have to file to get them to look right.

Nidia - Lit From Within

I have used this brand before, and really like them because they have some smaller nails - and i have tiny nail beds, so they look good on me.

Color Me So Crazy

I imagine these may be tricky if you have a different curve to your nail or if you have super tiny or bigger nail beds.
I also stopped supporting kiss since they stole bloggers nail art and pawned it off as their own. It was sad.

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