Saturday, April 04, 2015

DIY Corner: An Inexpensive Way to Update Kitchen Tile

I just came up with an easy kitchen idea. See I’ve lived in this apartment for the past 15 years and since it was built in the 1920’s there’s not much in the way of closet space or kitchen counters. The later I don’t quite get but anyway, when I had my bookshelf put up, I asked the handyman I hired if he had any experience with tile resurfacing kits as I was considering doing it to my kitchen counter. 


Yes, so much goes with pistachio-colored tile, right? And the burgundy trim is just ... priceless!

As you can see from the picture, the colors are pretty dated not to mention the grout gets dirty quickly, even though it's been professionally redone a few time. I’m just over tile altogether. The handyman shared with me that the tile trim I have is actually considered a very classic style from the time the kitchen was put together, aka, probably best not to permanently change it as my landlady would probably not like it.


Ok, so the only other avenue I came up with was to just cover the tile in the main area with a cutting board. I went to Lowe’s to see if they do that and they don’t and neither does Home Depot. Why I didn’t check online first, I don’t know because I found a website that does just that! They will custom cut ¼”, ½”, ¾” or 1” thick plastic cutting boards and you can choose different colors.

I chose a ¼” and the dimensions were 31” x 17 ½” and the total cost including shipping was $37.71. Not bad for something I can take with me if I do ever decide to move.


And know that this is not a sponsored post! I just like cutting board and the Band-Aid this provided.

Check them out @  


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