Sunday, April 26, 2015

5 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Craft Hoarder

You know the type – can’t pass a yard sale in the car. Has to stop, “just to see if there’s anything good.”

  • Has a screenshot of coupons in her phone to Michael’s and Joann’s just in case she needs to stop for something.
  • Buys that “thing” just because she knows she can do something with it.
  • Owns a personal key to the Lowe’s Spray Paint cabinet.

Ok I’m kidding about that last one but the others are totally true and, well, describe me! And I see that I'm not alone! I too can be a craft hoarder but I’ve learned ways to curb it.

  1. If I’m doing something with paper I make myself looks through all my paper supplies, not only to reorganize, but to see what I can live without.
  2. Keep the items that fall under the category of, “I know I can do something with this at some point,” in a box and put a piece of masking tape on each item with the date. That way you have one year to do something with it. If I don’t, it’s gone.
  3. Get a friend’s advice! If you know a fellow crafter, have her come look at your stash and vice versa. Maybe do some trading! I’ve done that twice now and had it really pay off. I got rid of a few things and scored a few items at the same time. Think of it like a clothes swap party.
  4. I know more than a few times I’ve picked something up in my arsenal and wondered why I even had it in the first place.
  5. Get a friend’s advice. If you’re not sure you will even use something, ask for some ideas on how they see using it!

How do you keep yourself from hoarding craft items? Do share in the comments!


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