Tuesday, March 10, 2015

NEVER Buy These Things at the Dollar Tree!

I love to visit the Dollar Tree every few weeks to see what’s new and especially when I'm low on $$$ but need a little retail therapy. But you know, not every product is the bargain it seems to be and here’s a list of what I’ve found to avoid at the Dollar Tree.



Sponge on a Stick
– some people call this a dish wand. I just call it a waste of $1 because it started leaking as soon as I put detergent in it.

Paper Towels
– they’re thin not really absorbent. I ended up having to use a lot to clean up a spill on the floor.

Cotton Swabs
– have you ever used generic-brand swabs? You’ll stick with name-brand only if you ever have.

(out of focus) Arm & Hammer Baking Soda – Dollar Tree sell a 14 oz box for $1 and you can get a 2 lb box for about $1.25 at Target. Focused or unfocused, you can see where the deal lies.

Paint Brushes
– I was so excited and thought, “I scored!” when I saw these but lo and behold, the hairs started coming out as soon as applied the brush with paint to the wood I was painting. Not worth the extra work of picking the hairs out of the paint.

Brown Paper Bags
– these are thin, small and rip easily but 40 of 'em for a dollar? Hmmm, I don’t have a kid that takes his lunch to school in a brown paper bag so I’m filing this under maybe.

– if you look at the weight on the bags, it’s significantly less than what I’ve found on sale in a supermarket or at the drugstore. I think these candy companies actually make up special weights of their candies/cookies just for these stores to sell.

Mac & Cheese Dinner/Shells & Cheese Dinner
– I like mine name brand and this Loretta brand? Can’t help you. It was not that good.

I like to end on a positive note so stay tuned for a feature on the vast bargains at the Dollar Tree, including ones found in the beauty aisle! 

But in the meantime, tell me in the comments if you have any items you avoid at the Dollar Tree!




great post! I've picked up a bunch of great cosmetics from both Dollar Tree and 99¢ or less.. Just scored Maybelline Color Show polish! They had ten different colors!


Hi AM, yeah, I always look at the nail polish and also the lip balms they have!

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