Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Is Acuvue Breaking New Ground with Their Latest?

I was recently invited to try out the latest eye candy from ACUVUE. It’s their 1-Day Acuvue DEFINE and what I thought was some new technology in the colored contact lenses front was not that at all.

Acuvue did a lot of research on eye color - what we perceive at beautiful, the uniqueness of one’s eye color and what cues we took in different settings. And what they discovered was quite fascinating! They found that those with a strong limbal ring (the dark circle around the iris which gets thinner as you age) were perceived more youthful, attractive, trustworthy and in overall good health to those interacting with that person.

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So what they did is created lenses that not only defines your eye’s unique colors and that limbal ring but enhances the colors; gives dark-brown eyed people more depth and keeps the unique textures in those with blue or green eyes. And because these are deepening the contrast inside the iris and strengthening the limbal ring, they will in term also give a clearer definition to the white parts of your eye and make them appear whiter.

Acuvue 1-Day DEFINE comes in three different “effects” - Natural SparkleNatural Shimmer and Natural Shine <-- the gradient going from less to more, as in, out of the three the Natural Shine as the most impact and the Natural Sparkle, the least. So they really are YEBB – your eyes but better!


Above is my right eye without any added enhancement...


Above is the same right eye with a Natural Shine enhancement contact in it. Pretty amazing, huh? I took so many photos of my eye without the contact in thinking it was out of focus but after a while I realized that that's just the way my 40-something year-old eye looks!

And obviously, since these go in your eyes, you have to see an eye doctor in order to get them. So get on the horn and call yours or if you don’t have one, visit this link here to find one that carries the brand.

They are sold as a one-month supply for $80 or a three-month supply for $188. Read more about these @ walgreens.comacuvue.com



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