Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Lipstick that Goes With EVERYTHING!

I think it’s more wintery around the country right now than when this Shimmer Glow The Winter Palette Collection came out from DOLCE & GABBANA last month. So I don’t feel so bad taking a few to get to it but I’m glad I did. As seen on the models in their winter runway finale, these Shimmer Lip Lipsticks and Shimmer Powder are for sure the standouts from the collection that just go with everything.


Sure I’m currently obsessed with liquid lipsticks but not every occasion calls for such stark lips marked with precision. Each of these Shimmer Lip Lipsticks ($37) gives lips a tiny hint of color and delicate wash of shimmer and pizzazz like the crystal that tops each gold case. And of course you get the slight waft of powdery rose when the cap comes off. Such a great attention to detail!



Shown here on lips in Angel Rose

Also helping to get the max in the shimmer category is their Shimmer Powder Duo Creamy Powder Cheeks and Eyes ($36). 



Yes, there are a ton of shimmer powders, creams, sticks, what-have-you out there but know that not all of them are worth it. Some are, well, not the best quality and can just look cheap. Looking closely at the bottom of the glass jar, I can see the different colors of shimmering dancing inside, like lavender, which seems to give this some depth. Great for under the brow, cheekbones and down the décolletage.

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Hi Cybele,

Thank you for swatching the Angel Rose Shimmer Lipstick. Such a pretty color. Could you also swatch the other lippies and shimmer powder?

Thank you...

Gabiela Aguilar

I love to trythe Angel Rose real pretty color

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