Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Never Need Help Putting On a Bracelet Again

I admit I stop on QVC and HSN when channel surfing and quite a few times I’ve bought exactly what they’re talking about at that time. But this next one has to be a necessity for every woman out there!

It’s called QUICKCLASP and it sure is correctly named. What is does is acts as an extra hand when putting on a bracelet.

How many times have you wanted to put on one of your clasp bracelets and spent the next 10 minutes playing chase the closure?? With this, you will get in right every time.


So how does it work? Attach the closure of the bracelet, or the receiving end, in the mouth of the alligator claw, then place the faux crystal piece of the 5 ½” bendable metal piece in your hand and then swing the other side around and secure the closure. Genius!

$22.50 for two @ hsn.com. And they come in a nice velvet bag, so you can keep one and gift one! 


Cynthia Richardson

Very clever! I'm considering buying this.

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