Friday, November 28, 2014

The 2014 Cybelesays Holiday Gift Picks

So it’s the day after Thanksgiving and time for my Annual Holiday Gift Guide! This year I will be expanding it to include non-beauty related items as I’ve come across some things this year that would make great gifts.

And as usual, you’ll know something is a gift pick by the holiday-related picture next to the photo. This year I chose a cute snowman. So let's kick it off with this one... 

As my first pick of the guide, I received this for my birthday and I’ve used it quite a bit and not just on my jewelry.

What It IsBOGUE SYSTEMS Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner + Blitz Liquid Jewelry and Gem Cleaner - $23.49 @

Why I Like It: You can use this big-as-a-small-loaf-of-bread machine to super clean not only jewelry but really anything metal that will fit into the 6” x 3 ½  stainless steel tank. It does coins, watches (there’s a special piece included so you can clean your watch), eyeglasses and so much more! I had a blast walking around my house and looking through drawers for items I could give a 3-minute run to.

This has truly brought quite a few of my items back to wearable condition again. 



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