Friday, November 07, 2014

Have You Voloomed Yet?

I’m a sucker for any kind of hair tool so when I saw this VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron, it was a must-try. Since I have been unable to master teasing my hair with a comb or teasing brush, I’ve resorted to other means to achieve volume in my hair inserts like the bumpit and some others but they never really felt right to me. So is the Voloom the answer? Click after the jump to find out! 



What it is: A heated tool that uses patent-pending plates to create a hidden voluminzing structure, or “volume pockets,” in the hair, thus giving volume to the hair.

Used on dry hair, it’s really easy to use and much like using a teasing comb, you apply the Voloom to the same parts you would tease, the under layers of the hair. Just clamp it down for less than a second as close to the roots as possible, then release, move down that section’s hair shaft about 1 inch, clamp down again. Repeat 2 or 3 more times down the hair shaft depending on the length of your hair. What it looks like after doing a section is a little like you put your hair into a waffle iron but you’ll obviously never see that after you put the top layer over what you just Voloomed.  

So does it work? Yup, totally and it lasted for a few days in my hair! I was stunned. A few tips I learned while trying this out – after you Voloom a section of hair, hold it straight up as it cools so you get the most volume, don’t set the temperature of the iron too high (temp can be set between 320°-390°F depending on your hair’s thickness) and make sure you get a good clamp down when you are close to the hair root. Happy Volooming!


Get yers for $129.99 or they will also take 3 payments of $43.33, which includes free shipping @ Included with your iron is a sectioning brush, 3 grip clips (good quality ones, I might add!) and a travel pouch as shown above.

And here's a great video to see the Voloom in action --  



Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.


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