Thursday, September 25, 2014

What Am I Obsessed With This Week??


Another week, another few obsessions!


I never seem to be happy with my brows – the shape, how fast they seem to grow and something I feel I’ve always had an issue with is finding a brow color that matches mine. This shouldn’t be too difficult, especially when you have something like this one on hand, but I still seem to! I’ve always known that I have a heavy hand when applying makeup but when it comes to my brows, my hue always seems to leaning on the too-dark side of the spectrum. At night, it’s not that noticeable but during the day, it is, and on more than one occasion I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve been pulled aside by friends to let me know they think my brow color is too dark. I’ve become very sensitive to this.

While I love this one in my Hall of Fame list of products, I feel like this one doesn’t always give me what I want, so in my quest to find the perfect color, I’ve been trying a lot of different colors and brands. One I feel like I’m being cyber stalked by is ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS DipBrow Pomade. In the “products used in this tutorial” listing, it seems that this products is always making an appearance. So I picked up the Soft Brown color last weekend, and upon first using it, it’s very similar to this one, but I’m still playing around with it. You can pick it up @


The other thing that’s popped up on my radar is Henna Tattoos. I recently discovered @Chrisspy on Instagram and in some of her gorgeous photos, you can see she has some henna tattoos on her hands. I saw that she had a tutorial that you can see here. Even though I saw a booth applying tattoos at the LA County Fair last weekend, I still wanted to try it myself, so I picked up this Jagua Tattoos kit she recommended that you can find at So I ordered it and will be trying it out shortly. Even though this one comes with stencils, I think I’m going to do some searching online for designs I like.

Have you ever applied a henna tattoo design on yourself? Is it easy to do? 


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