Thursday, September 11, 2014

This Week’s Fixation!

It seems like every week I get fixated on something I need, want or want/need to do. And it can be triggered by anything! For example, I was cruising through Pinterest a few days ago and while I have seen knuckle rings many times before and even own a set of three that fit on the top part of my ring finger, I saw some that were more than just a single band that I became fixated on!

While I get fixated on beauty products … a lot, I also get obsessed with other things, so I’m starting an on-going feature called This Week’s Fixation! Some will be about or include beauty, some won’t, so stay tuned and please share your current obsession with me in the comments, won't you?

Below is a glimpse into what this week's borderline obsession is! So what is it? Click after the pic.



So this week? The aforementioned knuckle ring! It’s a big trend right now and luckily I had to pop up to The Grove here in LA yesterday and there’s a Forever 21 there. I knew I would find the style I was after and I did. This one can be worn two different ways and it only cost $4.80! As you know, their items move fast but you may still find this specific one in a store or on their website still @


My other obsession this week? The pencil skirts from Windsor! Since we are not pretty much officially into the fall season, they seem to have added some of the darker colors back on their website. I must own about 20 different colors and these are just THE best everything - cut, quality, and colors for a great price.

First up, they have two different styles:

The Pencil Skirt – form fitting, slit up the back, sits just below the belly button, measures 21” long, made of 75% Rayon/22% Nylon/3% Spandex, no zipper, wide waistband.

The High Waisted Pencil Skirt – all the same attributes as the above but this one hits below the knee, where the above hits above the knee. It is 27” long from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the skirt. These are the ones I’m in love with! I’m a size 11/12 and the size Large fits me perfectly (some colors come in XL). These hold their shape throughout the day and hug the body in all the right places, have a little stretch and after a day’s wear, I just have it pressed by my dry cleaner and only have them wash it every 4th wear or so.


And the best part?? Each skirt is only $18.90 each @! Hopefully they will be adding even more fall colors as the weeks go on deeper into fall. 

When putting together this post, I noticed something confusing on their website. They seem to have 3 different styles of this skirt - the High Wasted Pencil Skirt, the Pencil Skirt and the Basic Pencil Skirt. Not sure what the difference is from the last two as it doesn’t seem like it could be color options.

Anyway, I’ve also had luck with the pencil skirts from Charlotte Russe. They are made of the exact same material mix (I don’t think one company owns the other), seem to be cut exactly the same (I only own the above the knee ones from CR) and are about the same price. I don’t see any of them on their site right now so maybe just check back, but know that they do have them.

Now before you get all, "uhhh, Forever 21 ... Windsor? I think I'm a little old to be shopping there," well I'm in my 40's and while yes, some of the items are for the younger crowd, there are still gems to be found for us older chicks!

So there you go, a great must-have staple for fall the goes-with-everything, the high waisted pencil skirt and a trendy piece of jewelry, both very affordable. Wish I could say that for all my past obsessions!

What are you obsessed with this week? Do tell in the comments!

And I’ve just decided that I’m obsessed with this skirt now! 


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