Wednesday, August 20, 2014

MAKE UP FOREVER #30Years30Colors30Artists Palette Swatches!

I was able to get my bloody paws on the new MAKE UP FOR EVER 30 Years 30 Colors 30 Artists Palette today and wanted to share some info and pics with you on it.

What It Is: In celebration of their 30th anniversary, MAKE UP FOR EVER partnered with 30 elite makeup artists from all areas of the industry including celebrity, fashion and beauty, TV film and theater as well as Brand Creator & Artistic Director Dany Sanz. The brand’s unique story is shared through the eyes of these artists who helped shape it into a cult favorite for professionals and the public.

The palette is divided into three black trays each carrying 10 shadows in the following 3 categories: smoky, brights, and neutrals…”

And as you can see here, I’m jumping on the brights in the box to show you them right now!




From L to R, top to bottom:

  • Kabuki I-922, William Lemon III I-220
  • Merrell Holliss ME-304, Jodi Urichuk ME-230
  • Frances Hathaway S-852, Lottie S-742
  • Angelina Avallone I-746, Elizabeth Cohen I-340
  • Luis Casco ME-400, Eryn Krueger Mekash D-206

The bottom row is actually adhered to the palette so I couldn’t take it out but each shadow in the box can be removed with a pin and the bottom of each color is stamped with the number of the shade. So you can mix and match the levels to suit your needs!

Overall, I found the new formulas here really soft and totally blendable and the brand has actually reformulated all the eye shadows and are putting out 210 new shades consisting of all the finishes you expect from the brand: matte, satin, metal, iridescent and Diamond (the existing shadows will be phased out). The formula of these new ones took about 5 years to create and it uses a Pigment Atomization and Water-Blend Technology that gives each shadow up to 88% more pigment than any shadow on the market today. As you can see from the swatches (I know I’m not great at photographing swatches but I’m getting better at it) each color is really concentrated so I think this could be true.


top row swatches
bottom row swatches

Tune in later today when I’ll have another tier of the box photographed and swatched for you!

This will be available for sale on September 2nd for $295 @ and Make Up For Ever boutiques. 

From what you see here, is this a must have for you?


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