Sunday, August 03, 2014

Are These Eyeliners Really Bulletproof?

Hot summer months are all about apply your makeup once during the day and having it stay. So when I saw TOO FACED’s new Bulletproof 24 Hour Eyeliner ($22 @, I knew they were a must-try.

One side is the fat pencil liner and the other is the smudger, or what they call the Blending Ball. These are waterproof and have a sharpener hidden under the Blending Ball, which is convenient.

So do these live up to the name? Click after the beat to find out. 



I’m really tough when it comes to testing out liners, especially if they have the words, “waterproof,” “stays-on,” or any number like 12 or 24-hour wear associated in the name of the product or description. And I really put these to the test!

For both of these shades, the Black Out (blackest matte black), and Mink (rose gold shimmer), I applied eye primer on one eye and none on the other to see if it made a difference in the longevity and overall, it didn’t. While I didn’t wear either for the 24 hours they insinuate in the name, I did get a good 12 out of them with the major test being a visit to the Orange County Fair in Pamona, CA last weekend. It was a loooong day of eating fried food, people watching and animal petting, not to mention the heat and humidity, which was well past 90°. And these came through with flying colors! I noticed a tiny bit of fade of color on the eye without the primer but I could have rubbed my eye a little without realizing it as I am an eye rubber.


Overall I would totally recommend these for your collection as you can use the liner two different ways – as a regular pencil liner or smoke it up a little by smudging the line but know that once it sets after a minute or so, it’s set and you can’t smudge it more.

Will you be checking these new pencils out? 

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes. 



I sure will check these out...and buy a couple as well. My eyes water, and I too am an "eye rubber". :)
These liners sound great!
Thanks for the review Cybele.

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