Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Are You Married to Your Color Support Hair Products?

I recently read a post on Instagram from a bottle redhead that was giving up on products to help her maintain her red color in between dye sessions. And I have to admit that for a split second I considered it too. I mean, there’s shampoo and conditioner, using a heat-protect spray when using hot tools, making sure to wear a hat when out in the direct sun, not washing your hair too often and I’m just kind of sick of the maintenance of it all. So-much-so that I also considered going back to being a brunette, however, I really like the bright red and it’s just so much fun… Ah, to be a woman and change your mind 100 times a day, right?

So with all these thoughts running through my brain, I tried the latest from the FEKKAI line that happens to be for color-treated locks. It’s the re-formulated and re-launched Technician Color Care trio comprised of the Technician Color Care Shampoo ($5/2oz, $20/8oz), Technician Color Care Conditioner ($5/2oz, $20/8oz) and Technician Color Care Conditioner Luxe Color Masque ($8/1.69oz, $25/7oz) or pick the full sizes up as a set for $60.


While this set is made especially to keep hair color vibrant and also to help strands give off a multi-dimensional shine, than using hair products not(it) made for color support, I still wonder, why does a shampoo that is supposed to support color-treated hair contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate/Sodium Laurel Sulfate (this one contains the first ingredient listed), which are both known to kill bottle hair color? I’ve brought this topic up a few times on the site in the past and was able to address this question to a Bumble and bumble PR person a few years back and they said that it depends on what ingredients are inside as there are ones that are able to counter act SLS’s in a shampoo. I’m not sure I believe that.

So how do I know that these, especially the shampoo, are keeping my hair color as vibrant as it can be? Well I don’t. I mean I didn’t notice any strong fade in using these in the past 3 weeks that would lead me to believe that these don’t work. But wouldn't the only true way I would be able to fully know that these work to the max is to conduct the following experiment? Used these for a few weeks, then had my hair color dyed the exact same color/depth and then try a different brand and at the end of the time period as the previous test, compare strands. Things that make you go hmmm...

So I guess this review can’t really tell you anything new. If you are a Fekkai user, then you know that these products have been re-formulated and re-launched. If you are not a Fekkai user, then you now know they are here and that’s about all I can say about these since I really can’t share anything measurable with you. So there you have it. All @

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.

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