Monday, January 20, 2014

Step-by-Step to Recreating Vintage Makeup Looks

Ever wonder how to recreate a look from past decades like the 1920s, 30s and on up until the 60s? Hair and makeup artist, LAUREN RENNELLS has come out with yet another book to help you create the looks at home. Her third book, Vintage Makeup: Techniques for Applying the Vintage Look and goes over how makeup was worn in decades past. 



Like her past books, this one too uses clear pictures and precise instructions on how to diy though I still wish they would create them using something like coil or spiral binding like this, so I could keep the book open easier.

And I see that she now carries 2 hair tools on her site! One is the Sculpture Pin Curl Took Box Set ($29.95). This set includes the tool, a 50 page instructional booklet on how to use the tool to create pin curls, and a poster with 80 inspirational vintage hairstyling ideas. I tried to the Sculpture Pin Curl Tool twice now and I for sure need more practice using it! It is primarily used with a wet set and I just couldn’t seem to get my curls to look right. At the end of the book there are some pictures on how to use it in a dry set, so I will probably attempt a few of those instead. I think this tool is more for the advanced stylist.

Sculpture-Pin-Curl-ToolThe other tool in her store is much more user-friendly. The Rockin’ Rollers Soft Leopard Print Hair Roller and Hairstyle Filler Set ($22.95) includes 12 soft rollers and a 40-page instruction booklet that not only shows you how to created wrap patterns for vintage curls but also how to use one of them as a hair filler, like for faux bangs aka bumper bangs and even a faux bob. Check out all three and her other books @


Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.


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