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What Makes for a Good Hair Clip-In?

What-Makes-for-a-Good-smallThe biggest party you will attend this year is right around the corner, so don’t you want to kick it up a little bit when it comes to your hair? Clip-in hair is the only way I go as it’s simple, easy to put in for the regular person and really shoozhes up a look, no? The latest brand I tried is HAIRDIAMOND ITALIA. They make pieces in real Remy hair (this is real human hair!) and Keraflex, which is a heat resistant fiber hair that can be treated like your own hair. So no matter which you chose, you can use that curling iron or flat iron on them!

They come in 13 different colors and the Remy comes in 14”, 18” and 23” lengths and the Keraflex ones come in 14” and 20” lengths. And if you are looking for specific pieces, they make those too, like toppers and bangs.

The style I tried was the FastClip 14” Remy Extension in a really light shade of blonde. I recently went to get my hair touched up from my hair stylist Kristin Merkling, freelance hair/makeup artist based at KimVo salon in Beverly Hills, and brought the FastClip with me I was sent to try. Since she is a professional in this area, I wanted to get her input on clip-in hair pieces.



So I have to ask ...

What Makes for a Good Quality Clip-In Hair Piece?



Q: Who should use clip in hair pieces?

A: The ideal client I most recommend clip in hair pieces are to those with finer hair overall that want that voluminous look on more of a temporary basis for something like a special occasion. Or if someone has a problematic situation like severe balding or thinning sections on their scalp.  

Q: Besides hair quality, what makes for a good hair clip in piece?

A: The stitching of the clip and the actual clip that the hair is attached to makes a world of difference and I prefer the clips to be the appropriate color of the hair your matching and on the small size. More times than not I have had clients bring me random brand clip ins for me to put in their hair that have clunky clips and they just DO NOT lie flat against the scalp and therefore look extremely artificial. 

Q: Do you have a favorite brand of clip ins or is it more about the quality of the piece?

A: Lately, my go-to brand has been HairDo by HairUWear because I'm familiar with theirs and so far I've been pleased, however, I’ve tried so many and am always open to trying other brands.

Q: What should the average person look out for when picking a piece out?

A: My suggestion is to stretch your budget when purchasing if at all possible so you can get the better quality of hair and durability of the clips. At the end of the day this are an investment and if worn and stored properly, you will get your monies worth in the long run.

Q: How can the process of picking one out be less intimidating for the average person?

A: The only intimidation I can think of would the price. Good quality ones are usually shockingly expensive and the average person typically considers a clip in as just an accessory for hair so why pay a lot? Think of it more than just an accessory though and think of it as an investment.

Q: Do you recommend ordering online or is finding a place locally better?

A: I DO NOT recommend ordering online only because it is impossible to match the color of your hair with a picture online. The best solution is to ask your stylist, like myself to work with you on it. If you buy one online, buy it in blonde so it can be dyed. I have color swatches at my station so I can do a color match immediately taking into account the various tones in your hair and find the best fit which will look the most natural. 

*  *  *  

So the pictures shown here of my FastClip are blonde and will be dyed bright red like my hair is now and Kristin said with the quality of this piece, it will look really beautiful. After she surveyed the piece, she commented on the clips, the hair quality and surprisingly, the band the clip and hair were sewn onto and really liked it overall. I think I may have turned her onto a new brand!




$195 @  


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