Monday, December 16, 2013

What Lighted Mirror Do You Use to Put Your Makeup On?

Two weeks ago it seems like the moon was in retrograde (it wasn’t) as some of my electronic items started going wacky. My wireless connection to my TV and Internet was spotty for two days, and then, getting ready for a party one night, my makeup mirror kicks the bucket. Dunzo! So immediately, I started perusing online as this needed to be replaced asap. I could get the same Conair one I just had with the 3 light adjustment levels I never used (day, indoors, eve. Mine was permanently on day because it was the brightest), and then I came across this one, the Sensor Mirror from SIMPLE HUMAN. Wow, why the steep price tag? And what makes this one different from the others I was used to? And why oh why, the steep price? I mean I was used to applying my makeup in my bedroom and then going into the bathroom to apply blush, so I didn’t go out looking like a clown. That alone should have been the indication that my current situation wasn’t really working but I honestly didn’t think anything of it. 


So reading up on this mirror, it has a tru-lux light system that simulates natural sunlight. We’ve become so used to using fluorescent bulbs and blah lighting all these years that getting in front of the best lighting when applying make was just never something I thought of. I feel so stupid saying that but it’s true! The technicalities on how they are able to achieve an even glow around the mirror are also discussed on their site but it’s something only someone like my scientist father would understand/find of interest. The few rave reviews I read had me curious, so I bit the bullet and bought it. Desperation had set in at this point. I had a huge party coming up over the weekend and it was Wednesday. Thanks to Amazon Prime, my mirror arrived in 1 ½ days. Yeah!

I think the one main thing I’m still sort of adjusting to is the up to 5x magnification, which I read in reviews can take a few to get used to. From my experience, when the face is about 6 inches away from the mirror, I am at 1x to 2x magnification, which is perfect for applying makeup, tweezing etc, and as I move my face away from the mirror, the magnification increases. Not sure I need the 3x, 4x, or 5x magnification for anything as I could see the brow hairs that needed tweezing clearly at 1x to 2x magnification!

I’m not sure if it’s the tru-lux light system that mimics natural sunlight that is able to make everything in the mirror look so clear but I like it. I mean clearer than I’ve ever seen anything look in a mirror!

in action on my  messy makeup table

The metal is brushed silver and overall it stands at 9.1” tall and can be adjusted to reach a total height of 18.1” by just pulling the top portion of the pole upward, though I have not tugged on it to get it this high, but nice to know this feature exists.

So are you ready to hear about some extra cool traits? It’s cordless and is charged with a USB cord and will hold its charge for up to 5 weeks, depending on use, and a light will come on letting you know when it needs to be recharged.


Probably my favorite trait is the built-in sensor that detects when your face is close to the mirror and turns the light on for you! It seems to do it when you are about 6” to 8” away and then it turns off when you move away. How cool is that??

Now the price tag. It’s $200 on and

So is this worth it? I would say wholeheartedly, yes. As I mentioned above, lighting is so important. I mean, we bloggers always talk about how good quality makeup brushes are and how they can make a big difference in your finished look so don’t you think good lighting should be looked at the same way? Seems so obvious but obviously this whole time it has not been to me. Doh!

So do you think you will be picking up this mirror for yourself or someone on your list? Do tell in the comments! 



MarciaF (beauty info zone)

With a birthday coming up I might just need this. I like the mirror I have now but the lighting would be so helpful.


Treat yourself, Marcia!!

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