Monday, September 23, 2013

The Strangest Looking Mascara Contraption You'll Ever See!

When it comes to combing out lashes after applying a few coats of mascara, I am a fan of the metal combs, not the plastic combs. This one from Perfect Lash Comb, which is in my Hall of Fame, or this recently discovered one from the ROYAL & LANGNICKEL line, called the Silk Brow/Lash Groom ($9.99 @ are two good ones to consider. 

And this Mega Effects Mascara ($8.49 @ from AVON kind of uses the same kind of idea for applying their mascara. Using the bristles like one of these above combs, you comb in the mascara for an even and clump-free application. When I first saw this in a magazine, I didn’t see the correlation between the metal comb and mascara, but after getting it in my hands, it’s pretty obvious that this way works, and it works, well … click after the jump to see! 





Just looking at this Mega Effects Mascara, this had to be the strangest looking mascara “wand” and all I’ve ever seen! It kind looks like a Barbie-sized paint roller, dontcha think?

As you can see from the pictures, here are some the traits:

  • the bristles vary in length
  • the wand is made with a hinge, so you can adjust it
  • the bristles are layed out in a slight U-shaped angle

Ok, so we have applying it down, but if you don’t have a good formula, what’s the point? So I’m really excited to say the formula rocks! It reminds me of this one in that it is great at separating and lengthening but this one is much inkier and thicker. I actually got about 10 hours of wear out of a few coats on my lashes and none of it seemed to flake off. This is probably the best quality mascara I have ever tried from Avon! Available in Black and Brown Black.

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.


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