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Make Up For Ever Artisan Brush Collection

For some reason I always thought the MAKE UP FOR EVER line had makeup brushes in it and good ones at that. Or maybe they did and just retooled (no pun intended) them to perfection, which is what I think they did with this release. Let me introduce you to their Artisan Brush Collection. Designed by Creator & Artistic Director Dany Sanz, this seems like a well thought out selection of makeup brush essentials and it each went through 25 stages of creation and was hand-crafted by 30 people from start to finish over a 5 year time period. Let’s take a further look ... 


First, the bristles. Since some people refuse to use makeup brushes with real animal hairs, know that these all use synthetic fibers that mimic natural hair. And the brushes are classified according to number:

  • 100s = complexion
  • 200s = eyes
  • 300s = lips
  • 400 = artistic specially designed for professionals

The prices on each range between $13 and $55 and there are 68 different brushes to choose from. So let’s look closer at some of the ones I was sent to try out.

#106 – Straight - Foundation Brush, Medium – A medium, flat and rounded brush for applying and blending foundation ultra-fast for an even result with fuller coverage.
Recommended textures: All types of foundations. $36.


#148 – Straight & Wavy - Blending Blush Brush – This small, flared dual-purpose brush provides a light finish with a simple, ethereal touch. It is ideal for use with powder and cream product for shading, coloring or highlighting, and its small size creates a precise application of blush and highlighters. Its extreme softness is also well-suited for applying makeup to sensitive skin.
Recommended textures: creams, gels, compact, pearly and iridescent powders. $55. 


#236 – Wavy - Precision Blender Brush, Large – an eye shadow brush staple that is round, soft and firm. With the width of the head and wavy fibers, it delicately smudges shadow on large areas for an easy and quick application.
Recommended textures: creams, loose and compact powders. $31.


#244 – Straight - Precision Shader Brush, Large – A practical large, flat brush that has dense fibers perfect for quick applications on the entire surface of the eyelid. Use for moderate to heavy product payoff and to blend products quickly and evenly.
Recommended textures: creams, loose and compact powders. Recommended textures: creams, loose and compact powders. $31. 


#214 – Straight – Precision Crease Brush, Small – A firm, but flexible brush for calligraphy-like designs. Its flexibility is used to apply and blend all types of eye products in the crease of the eye with high precision and a controlled application.
Recommended textures: creams, loose and compact powders. $25. 


#258 – Straight – Precision Eyeliner Brush, Large - A small, flat mini paddle brush that offers controlled and buildable application. Its tip is used to draw thin lines and its flat side is used for thicker lines, the firm bristles allowing for precise application.
Recommended textures: creams and liquids. $24. 


#302 – Straight – Precision Lip Brush – A classic, extra-firm, round lip brush ideal for applying any lip product. The firmness of this brush allows a generous deposit of product, as well as precise definition. This brush can also be used for concealer and corrector in very small, specific areas of the face.
Recommended textures: All lipsticks and glosses. $21. 


#102 – Straight – Foundation Kabuki, Small – A small, dense, tapered and round kabuki brush for precise application of foundation anround the eyes, nose and lips with moderate coverage. It’s short and slender handle offers better control in application.
Recommended textures: creams and liquid foundations. $36.


#132 – Wavy – Powder Flat Kabuki – A flat, very supple, rounded kabuki that is ideal for sculpting the face using loose powder. Its unique head is ideal for light and even powder coverage on large areas when used flat, or when the tip of the brush is used it can sculpt more precise areas.
Recommended textures: loose powders. $55. 


#412 – Wavy – Paint Brush, Medium – This square-shaped, large brush is used for a quick, generous and even product application on the body. Its short and dense bristles give moderate to high coverage and intense color finish. In artistic make up, this brush is used to add color quickly to very large, even areas of the body. Its side can also be used for graphic effects and swirls.
Recommended textures: creams and liquids (except Latex). $43. 

Will you be picking up any of these brushes? All @ and Sephora stores nationwide on September 1, 2013. 


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