Monday, July 08, 2013

Another Day, Another BB Cream

Orlane-BB-Cream-SFP25-Anti-As BB Creams continue to be all the rage among others now using the alphabet in their titles, I’m slowly warming up to them, the more I try. One moving to the top of the list is ORLANE BB Crème SPF 25 Anti-Fatigue Absolute Sunscreen ($70/1oz @

I am kind of shallow when testing these. I mean, the main thing I look for is the sun protection and if the tinted color these come in is off or takes forever to adjust/sink in.

Since this one comes in one universal shade, I was skeptical, of course, but this one seems to not only adjust to my tone rather quickly but it really evens out the tone nicely.

Since this is called an Anti-Fatigue product, it also helps protect against the aging process by treating wrinkles and sun spots. An added bonus but then again, this is a BB Crème, so I would expect nothing less. 




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