Sunday, June 09, 2013

Room Scenting with Royal Apothic

What kind of interior scent-giver do you use? Candles? Plug-in? None at all? I just came across a super fancy one from ROYAL APOTHIC. I mean, just look at this decanter! Doesn’t this remind of you of something you’d see used on Downton Abbey? I will be keeping this long after I use the scent up to keep my dressing table looking fancy.

Royal-Apothic-English-Rose-Interior-Perfume-2This English Rose Interior Perfume was inspired by the new Gilded Aristocracy collection and the classic florals of vintage England.

Top notes: Fresh Bergamont
Middle: Crisp Grapefruit
Base: Petal of English Rose.

$8/10oz @ and be sure to check out the other gorgeous products in this line.


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