Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Buildable Mascara Throughout the Day? Really?

Neutrogena-Healthy-Length-MascaraHave you ever heard of a buildable mascara? Like being able to apply more after it sets? My experience is that you pretty much can’t update it again … until now! I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t experience it but this new Healthy Lengths Mascara from NEUTROGENA.

Now I’m pretty set with my go-to mascara here but this one kinda threw me, in a good way! I really let each layer dry before applying another and I noticed instead of my lashes acting like hardened spikes of wheat, they were instead pliable and open to accepting more layers of this on them. I got 4 layers and they look quite nice!

Now, the downside. While it lasts on lashes if you don’t touch them, as soon as water touches them, off it starts to come. So forget about wearing this to a wedding or if you see a sad commercial. Here is my idea -  wear it to work and then when you have another place at night to go, layer on some waterproof or other mascara that will set it. The finished lashes look so good that this trait is such a bummer.

Available in 3 shades for $8.49 @


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