Monday, June 17, 2013

Looking for a GREAT Hair Masque? This Might Be It!

Hair conditioners are like mascaras for me in that I can pretty much instantly tell a great one for a bad one and this one from DERMORGANIC for sure falls in the great category. It’s their Intensive Hair Repair Masque ($16/8oz @ and I shouldn’t be surprised that I liked it so much since I loved this one from them and used it down to its last drop. Cetaphil? Huh? This cleanser is my Cetaphil!

Anyway back to this hair masque. As we all know, Argan Oi is thee ingredient of the … year, I guess, and this one contains it, which is great, but it has so many other pluses besides that. They have somehow created the formula to be able use one of the ingredients, rice amino acids, to replicate the keratin structure of the hair. So what does that mean? Instead of just coating each hair, it penetrates to fully nourish each strand by repairing any damage, neutralizing the pH, which is very important, and help bring it back to, well, life again. And after using it a few times in the last few weeks, I can attest that my hair looks more “alive” than it has with other hair masques/masks.

And don’t hesitate if you color your hair because this one can be used safely on it without changing or depleting your rich shade.

Are you in the market for a new deep conditioner this season?

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.


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