Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Is This the Next Argan Oil?

Acure-Marula-OilMarula Oil is extracted from the kernals of the Marula tree found in Southern Africa and West Africa and is commonly used in beauty products, cooking, to treat leather and as a meat preservative.

In beauty, it’s great for chapped skin, scars, reduces redness in the skin and is Vegan.

ACURE ORGANICS produces one in their line called, what else, Marula Oil. It’s paraben-free, Vegan, gluten free, fragrance free and silicone free and is harvested by South African women. It’s just straight up pure Marula Oil ($15.99/1oz @ and I’ve been using it for pretty much everything – a hair smoother,  my cuticles, my legs after shaving and as a light face oil.

Have you heard of this oil yet?


Sephora Collection


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