Sunday, May 12, 2013

Review: IT Cosmetics Tightline Mascara

IT-Cosmetics-Tightline-Full-Lash-Line-Black-Mascara-Primer-DuoMascara wands are like skirt hems, they oscillate between thick/longer and thin/short by trend it seems. One that is concentrating on getting every lash even at the base of the lashes is IT COSMETICSTightline Lash Line Black Mascara Primer.

What it is: an ultra-skinny wand so you can coat lashes starting at the root of the hairs next to the lid. It’s also like using an eyeliner in that it deposits the black color on the skin, filling in areas in between the hairs or where hairs are missing. It also has the word primer in the name but I’m not sure how that play into this one. Hmmm…

My take: Not just for the base of the lashes; I bring the wand the whole way through lashes. I loved their mascara here and this one probably uses the same great formula. 

I see these sell as a duo only @ for $29.


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Well, I didn't use it yet but too excited to use this product. As I am too fond of using different-different beauty products.

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