Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Are You Into Matte? Try Lime Crime Velvetines!

Lime-Crime-Velvetines-in-Red-VelvetI’ve seen the LIME CRIME Velvetines at a few of the beauty trade shows in the past few months and everytime I went to pick one up … sold out ! So I put it in my file of must get and finally they are in stock on their site.

What it is: “a liquid lipstick that goes on like a gloss and dries to a matte, touch-proof finish.”

My take: yes, it’s a liquid lipstick and is very pigmented like house paint, so you must pay attention when applying it because once it sets, it stays on pretty good.

And when they say matte, they mean matte! A flat finish helps the longevity and I got about 4 hours of solid wear out of this. Touch-proof? I wouldn’t exactly say that though.

This Red Velvet is a dark blue red that seems that it will suit many skin tones but they also have Suedeberry that looks more like light more vibrant red. I might pick up that one too. $16.99 @



How is the moisture level on these? Sometimes this type of lipstick dries my lips.


Hi Tara, there pretty much is no moisture to these BUT it doesn't seem to be dry-ing like most long-wears can be. I was impressed that it didn't dry my lips out but after a few hours, my lips needed some moisture. I hope this makes sense!!

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