Saturday, March 02, 2013

Take Advantage of Blurring Technology with Hourglass Cosmetics

Doesn’t it seem that most illuminating face powders are for print work or just look really great in magazines when the light is just perfect? That’s what I think of when I come across these kinds of powders. Just out is HOURGLASS COSMETICS Ambient Lighting Powder ($45 @ and it’s like one of those foundations with the light diffusing properties that blur imperfections. They describe it as, ““photoluminescent technology” - micron-size spherical particles that refract light and create transparent coverage. The only other time I’ve see a powder like this was quite a few years ago here and that reminds me, I should pull it out of the drawer to use it again as I really liked it. Eh, so much makeup, so little time!

Hourglass-Cosmetics-Ambient-Lighting-Powder-Diffused-Light Hourglass-Cosmetics-Ambient-Lighting-Powder-Diffused-Light-up-closeAnyway, this one comes in 6 different shades and the one I tried was the Diffused Light, which helps quell redness, and one seems to specialize in bringing out/hiding something existing in your skin. Quite fascinating and worth investigating the other shades and while these don’t look like much in the compact, it’s what it does to the face that’s worth it. Is this something up your alley?


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