Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Simplify Your Beauty Routine with Aromatherapy Associates

I’ve received a few emails lately from readers wanting to simplify their skin care routine, as in, chemicals out and natural botanicals in. I really think that the skin gets upset because of all the products we apply to it on a daily basis. Most of the time, I really believe the skin is just trying to regulate itself from what you are applying.

So the timing couldn’t be better as I’m just finishing up trying out two products from The Soothing Collection from AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES, which incorporates prebiotics into the products that do exactly what you are imaging they do – beef up the skin’s outer layer to protect it from invaders like every day life.


Soothing Cleansing Balm ($53/3.4oz) – comes with a cotton muslin cloth and as the names states, this is a balm so there’s a very low foam here. The first ingredient listed in this one? Sweet Almond Oil! When does that happen? Next is jojoba seed oil, Glyceryl Cocoate (a surfactant derived from coconut) and down from there. This one removes makeup, though I wouldn’t use it for eye makeup as it sorta stung my eyes but know there overall there’s no tightness left behind.

Soothing Face Oil ($65/.5oz) – love to use oils for moisturizers for both body and face. And this one packs a punch! Coconut, jojoba, rice, Baobab, corn, strawberry seed oil and evening primrose, to name a few. Love this one. 

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