Monday, March 04, 2013

Let's Welcome Make Beauty

Let’s keep up with the rare brands I’m featuring on the site recently with this makeup line from the UK called MAKE BEAUTY. The MAKE line is the first for-benefit colour cosmetic line launching on, where 1/3rd of the sales will support non-profit orgs led by women. Yeah! And the MAKE line is manufactured right in Long Island City, NY. Double yeah!!



What first jumped out at me was the really mod black and white packaging each of the products comes in. Love!! There are a lot of items in this line, so let’s just start with the Cream Luminous Lip Gloss ($18) shown here in Nude (a soft, pale beige with peach undertones) from the New Medieval Collection. What this one doesn’t deliver in being the most pigmented nude I’ve ever tried, makes up for it in non-sticky glossiness that lasts for quite a few hours.

What I always look for in a gloss is what the application wand looks like, or rather, what kind of doe-foot it uses to apply the gloss and this one is like a figure eight, which I like.

We-See-Beauty-Luminous-Lip-Gloss-in-Nude-doe-foot-2And this one has a hint of some kind of mint in it, which I can’t quite place my finger or rather nose on, but it’s a nice touch. More reviews to come on this brand as we have a winner right out of the box.


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