Monday, March 11, 2013

Dolce & Gabbana - Desire

Dolce-gabbana-desireOverall I’m pretty obsessed with fragrance. I have amassed quite a collection over the years and I get a new scent almost every week. A fragrance is like putting on a full face of makeup, just all in one spritz! Done!

The last release in The One collection of scents from DOLCE & GABBANA is Desire. With the name of it written on the simple sexy black bottle written by Mr. Gabbana himself, I think the combination of notes of this Floriental actually wear better on me compared to the last one.

Top notes: mandarin, lychee, bergamot, lily of the valley

Middle notes: Madonna lily, tuberose (which really sticks out in this one), jasmine, sweet plum nectar

Base notes: vanilla, caramel, sandalwood, musk, Cistus Labdanum

$93/1.6oz, $112/2.5oz @

Are you devoted to any one line of fragrances?


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