Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review+Swatches - NARS Spring 2013 Duo Eye Shadows

Are you afraid of bright colors for lips and eyes? I almost am. I mean, I like to look at them … a lot! But to wear them, I sometimes look too much and not touch enough. But I did decide to stop that and dive head-first into the latest from NARS COSMETICS. Their Duo Eye Shadow (35 @ from the Spring 2013 Collection are pretty bold, at least when it comes to Mad Mad World. Wanna see more photos and swatches? Click after the pics.

NARS-Duo-Eye-Shadow-Spring-2013-Collection-Mad-Mad-World-2 NARS-Duo-Eye-Shadow-Spring-2013-Collection-Bouthan

So let’s start with the Mad Mad World one. The left color is described as cyan blue and the right is described as parakeet green. The way I’ve been easing into these is to incorporate some of one of the shades into any bright shade by using it as a liner or blended in well in the corner of the eye. And then go bolder the more comfortable you get with it.

NARS-Duo-Eye-Shadow-Spring-2013-Collection-Mad-Mad-World NARS-Duo-Eye-Shadow-Spring-2013-Collection-Mad-Mad-World-up-closeHow about this blue!! It reminds me of the vibrancy of the Chaos color from the Urban Decay Vice Palette, no?

Urban-Decay-Vice-Palette-Chaos-shadow-2 NARS-Duo-Eye-Shadow-Spring-2013-Collection-Mad-Mad-World-swatchesThe other new Duo Eye Shadow is called Bouthan and I find these one much more wearable for so many occasions – day or eve. The shade on the left is described as a soft pink tulle and the right color is a bright pink with gold shimmer.

NARS-Duo-Eye-Shadow-Spring-2013-Collection-Bouthan-2 NARS-Duo-Eye-Shadow-Spring-2013-Collection-Bouthan-up-close NARS-Duo-Eye-Shadow-Spring-2013-Collection-Bouthan-swatches


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