Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review: Is Lush's Bloucey for You?

It’s funny how we are programmed to think something is good if it smells good and it’s bad if the smell is unpleasant. So not true and I’ve really had to train myself to not think like this. And I was challenged with the new Blousey Shampoo from LUSH. It doesn’t smell bad, just not as pleasant as 99% of Lush products are.

I’m always so careful of what I put on my hair not only because of my hair color but also my Brazilian Straightening Treatment, or whatever name it’s going by these days. Companies sneak things in so I have to read the ingredients when it comes to any shampoo or just stick with what I know, which is usually from Pureology.

Lush-Blousey-ShampooI know that Lush uses real quality ingredients when it comes to their products but I have tried a few that had Sodium Laureth Sulfates in them, which we know messes with hair color/Brazilian, so the ingredient list on this one was like 50 Shades of Grey, a must-read!

First, know that this one is made just for those with chemically-treated, damaged or color-treated strands, and the first ingredient in the list? Fresh Organic Bananas! Then Pimento Berry, Fair Trade Cloves a few more and then … BAM Ammonium Laureth Sulfate. Sounds bad. Sounds related to the Sodium Laureth Sulfate/SLS’s I mentioned above, and it is. Yes, it’s a surfactant that gives you the lather but they claim this one is gentle in, “a minimum concentration.” So this one might hassle your color/Brazilian a little bit but, if you are a Lush fan and the rest of this jives with you, you may want to try/investigate this one for yourself. Just don’t look to it to smell nice, because it doesn’t. $25/8.4oz @


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