Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Juliette Has a Gun - Mad Madame

Juliette-Has-a-Gun-in-Mad-MadameRarely does a scent make me want to go do something to truly experience/enjoy it but this next one does. I don’t think the JULIETTE HAS A GUN brand could make a non-50 Shades of Grey fragrance even if they tried. The latest addition to the brand pays tribute to the woman who dares and goes by the name, Mad Madame, and it’s purely intoxicating, to put it bluntly.

Launch at the end of 2012, this green chypre rose scent is not for the faint of heart, seriously. If you can handle a heavy scent, with thick notes, then go for it. If floral is more your speed, you should pass on this one.

Back to what this one makes me want to do. First, apply it to the sexiest points along my skin long after the sun has set, go deep into my closet and pull out my longest blackest dress, light every candle in the house, put the needle down on a Sister of Mercy record, apply some blood red lipstick and sip champagne out of a goblet, all while donning the chicest headpiece you ever did see. $135/3oz @


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