Friday, January 18, 2013

Review+Swatches - Hard Candy Top Ten Eye Shadow Collection

I’ve always been a fan of the HARD CANDY line and even had their Eye Shadow Quads in the Hall of Fame for many years (they are discontinued and so I had to remove them). They were one of the first lines to really go deep into eye shadow and turn out some really unique shades. So I was really excited to hear about their Top Ten Eye Shadow Collection.


Hard-Candy-Top-Ten-Eyeshadow-Collection-in-Feelin'-Blue-2 Hard-Candy-Top-Ten-Eyeshadow-Collection-back

There are five different color family palettes – Naturally Gorgeous - Neutrals, Smoke Out - Smokey, Green with Envy - Greens, Pinking of You - Pinks, and Feelin’ Blue? - Blues (shown here).

The darker colors seem to be the same top quality as those quads from many moons ago, and a few of these colors are delightfully similar to a few of the quads I still have from that time! And as usual, just be sure to wear a primer with these to get the most out of your $6 investment! Good quality doesn’t have to always break the bank. $6 @ and Walmart stores nationwide.

Hard-Candy-Top-Ten-Eyeshadow-Collection-colors-the-long-way Hard-Candy-Top-Ten-Eyeshadow-Collection-in-Feelin'-Blue-swatches-5-left Hard-Candy-Top-Ten-Eyeshadow-Collection-in-Feelin'-Blue-swatches-5-right


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