Thursday, January 03, 2013

Care About Freshness? Then You'll Want to Hear About this from Josie Maran

Josie-Maran-Argan-Exfoliating-Powder-2I’m a big fan of dry products as in those that you add water to, to activate. I know freshness is always a concern when it comes to any product and those that need to have a shelf life must contain a preservative, which some people can be sensitive too.

Leave it to JOSIE MARAN to come out with a facial exfoliator that is not only in the powder form, but also has some seriously nourishing ingredients to boot. It’s called Argan Exfoliating Powder and is formulated with rice powder and argan nuts.

If you are not familiar, Ms. Maran has built her line on the power of Argan Oil, which is known for its rich anti-oxidants and its non-irritation with most skin types.

To activate, just add a little water and smooth it onto the face. It doesn’t feel grainy at all, just like a very fine powder buffing away skin cells. And they recommend adding this to their Argan Cleansing Oil. Nice.

$40/1.76oz @


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