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Thursday, November 29, 2012

2012 Holiday Pick - Bare Escentuals A Vision in Velvet

There’s nothing I love more than eye shadow and when I saw this collection, I knew it was a must have for any mineral makeup lovers on your list.

What it is: BARE ESCENTUALS A Vision in Velvet is 20 pots of eye shadow in a sleeve.

Why I like it: What’s not to like? And I love the size of each pot as the .28g of color is not an overwhelming amount but more than enough to try out each color quite a few times.

Price: $79 @ – that’s $3.95 a pot.  

Want to see the whole thing and what colors are in it? Click after the pic!


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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Pick - Travalo Touch

Travalo-Touch-refillable-perfume-spray-rollerballI raved about the TRAVALO here and I just discovered they have a rollerball version called, funny enough, the Refillable Perfume Rollerball or as the site says, the Travalo Touch.

What it is: The same refillable from the bottom and take with you perfume automizer but instead of a spray head, this gives you a non-intrusive rolling head instead.

Why I like it: What’s not to like?? The only thing is deciding what fragrance is important enough to go inside one of these 5.0ml holders.
Since I carry about 3 of these at one time in my bag, it would be great if there was a place to write on the outside what's in the inside. Just a thought!

Price: Choose from Silver, Pink and Black for $24.99 @


5/26/14 - Post update! I have about 4 of these and have filled them with my different scents I like to take with me in my purse. Well I went back to spray some on from one and I noticed there is no more perfume in the atomizer. I checked the others and same. I filled one again to see what happened and same thing occurs about 1 month later. Put perfume in these and it evaporates! Don't buy these. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Pick – Tarte Fantastic Foursome Amazonian Blush Set

Tarte-Baby-It's-Bold-Outside-blushesIt’s holiday time and you know what that means on this site! HOLIDAY PICKS!! From today until the day before Christmas (for all you last minute shoppers), I’ll be featuring some beauty product picks for those beauty lovers in your life, or for yourself. So when you see a picture of a Christmas tree next to the product, you’ll know it’s a 2012 gift pick. Let me know if you have any beauty picks yourself.

First up is from the TARTE line ...

What it is: Fantastic Foursome Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush Enthusiast Set - 4 Amazonian Clay - Angelic (shimmering champagne), Fantastic (soft fuchsia), Magic (pink coral) and Stellar (shimmering nude).

Why I like it: Not only is this a great value (4 of them would retail for $60) but the color lasts quite a while on cheeks.

Price: $35 @


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bluewick Has You Covered for Holiday Scents

So today is Thanksgiving and for me, we’ve officially moved into another olfactory stage, that of the room scent. I can’t think of any other season where room scents are bigger than from November to December.

Pine Tree, Cinnamon, Peppermint, there are so many smells that just bring such a warm feeling in the room.


Anyway, one of my favorite seasonal candle lines is BLUEWICK and their Reserve Holiday Collection pretty much encompasses any scent craving you could have: Winter Currant, Sweet Pumpkin and Evergreen.

Bluewick-Evergreen-Deco-Cylinder-CandleAnd they just added a new trait only found in this collection, apricot wax. It helps the wax burner cleaner than a straight up soy wax candle, not to mention it helps with the scent throw.

Choose from three different “styles”: Fragrance Diffusers ($40/8oz=120 days), Jar Candle ($22/8oz=120 hours) and Deco Cylinder ($35/21oz=150 hours) @

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review+Swatches - Benefit Cosmetics Fine One One

How’s this for a nice Thanksgiving present from me to you? A brand new product from BENEFIT COSMETICS coming out way in December? It’s called Fine One One and is a trio of colors in one stick. Click after the jump to see more pictures and swatches!


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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Review+Swatches - Bite Beauty Bite Size Discovery Set

Are you familiar with the BITE BEAUTY line? I was not before trying out this Bite Size Discovery Set. The line comes to us from Toronto, Canada and they are all about lippies in that, that’s all the brand makes. And they are good enough to eat as they only use food-grade ingredients.  

Wanna see pictures and swatches? Click after the pic!


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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Really Need Smooth Hands & Feet? O'Keeffe's To the Rescue!

O'Keefe's-Working-Hands-and-Healthy-FeetAre greasy hands or feet lotions/balms/creams the bane of your existence? I’ve been able to find some that are pretty low on the greasy feeling factor but never one like this from the O’KEEFFE’S brand. Sometimes the best working beauty products are ones that are not really on the glamour side but in the end, it’s all about how it works, right?

Their clients are the hardcore like contractors, gardeners or basically anyone who works with their hands, are on their feet a lot or just suffer from really dry skin. Both Working Hands and Healthy Feet contain a high level of Glycerin that’s able to draw and really retain moisture and, I don’t really know how they do it, no greasy feeling whatsoever.

So now I want to know ….

How do they do it?

Most lotions or creams are made with oils and these are both oil-free allowing the glycerin to works its magic efficiently. That’s it? That seems way too simple. It looks and feels pretty much like a thick cream but if that’s their answer, that’s their answer and I won’t question what works nicely.

And it’s priced right for $7.99/3.2oz @

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DOLCE & GABBANA Dolce&Gabbana Pour Femme

Dolce-&-Gabbana-Pour-Femme-EDPI have a good friend that watches every move the DOLCE & GABBANA line does so she gave me the heads up when she found out they were putting out two new fragrances to celebrate their 20th anniversary of creating a fragrance line.

Just out is Dolce&Gabbana Pour Femme & Dolce&Gabbana Pour Homme and I’m reviewing the Pour Femme here. Upon first wiff, I think of Prada Candy. Some of the same fruity notes, I’m sure.

This eau de parfum contains notes of: neroli, raspberry, mandarin, jasmine, orange blossom, vanilla, heliotrope and sandalwood. Tré sexy. $77/1.7oz, $98/3.4oz @

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Review - Sally Hansen Insta-Gel Strips

I think we’ve reach a plateau when it comes to the nail appliqués/gel manicures. And now a product that seems to combine them both – SALLY HANSEN Insta-Gel Strips Starter Kit. It combines the quickness of the nail appliqué with the curing of the LED lamp. So how did it fare? Click after the jump to find out!


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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Review+Swatches - Jouer Bare Beauty Collection

How often do you actually think of the packaging your makeup comes in? I mean, really look at it and think about it? Most lines use the same standard containers that, while the colors may be new, the packaging is boring and, well, just has no thought behind it.

One that does not buy into that book is the JOUER line. Their snap or slide together packaging makes it fun to put together your own “palette” to take out on the go with you.

The latest addition to their line is the Bare Beauty Collection. Click after the jump to see more pictures and color swatches.


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