Thursday, November 29, 2012

2012 Holiday Pick - Bare Escentuals A Vision in Velvet

There’s nothing I love more than eye shadow and when I saw this collection, I knew it was a must have for any mineral makeup lovers on your list.

What it is: BARE ESCENTUALS A Vision in Velvet is 20 pots of eye shadow in a sleeve.

Why I like it: What’s not to like? And I love the size of each pot as the .28g of color is not an overwhelming amount but more than enough to try out each color quite a few times.

Price: $79 @ – that’s $3.95 a pot.  

Want to see the whole thing and what colors are in it? Click after the pic!


I had to put this picture on its side so you could get a better idea of how long it is, which is 15”! Below the picture is a list of the colors inside.


Velvet Blueberry Eyecolor (creamy navy)

Velvet Violet Eyecolor (plush lilac)

Velvet Pistachio Eyecolor (crushed mint)

Velvet Vanilla Eyecolor (warm ivory)

Velvet Strawberry Eyecolor (soft wine)

Velvet Mauve Eyecolor (matte mauve)

Velvet Green Eyecolor (matte green)

Velvet Charcoal Eyecolor (matte charcoal)

Velvet Espresso Eyecolor (matte espresso brown)

Velvet Taupe Eyecolor (matte taupe)

Satin Sterling Eyecolor (satin silver)

Satin Lilac Eyecolor (satin lilac)

Satin Nude Eyecolor (satin nude)

Satin Plum Eyecolor (satin plum)

Satin Mist Eyecolor (satin mist)

Satin Rose Eyecolor (satin rose)

Satin Sage Eyecolor (satin sage)

Satin Gold Eyecolor (satin gold)

Satin Caramel Eyecolor (satin caramel)

Satin Peach Eyecolor (satin peach)



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