Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Pick - Travalo Touch

Travalo-Touch-refillable-perfume-spray-rollerballI raved about the TRAVALO here and I just discovered they have a rollerball version called, funny enough, the Refillable Perfume Rollerball or as the site says, the Travalo Touch.

What it is: The same refillable from the bottom and take with you perfume automizer but instead of a spray head, this gives you a non-intrusive rolling head instead.

Why I like it: What’s not to like?? The only thing is deciding what fragrance is important enough to go inside one of these 5.0ml holders.
Since I carry about 3 of these at one time in my bag, it would be great if there was a place to write on the outside what's in the inside. Just a thought!

Price: Choose from Silver, Pink and Black for $24.99 @ ulta.com.


5/26/14 - Post update! I have about 4 of these and have filled them with my different scents I like to take with me in my purse. Well I went back to spray some on from one and I noticed there is no more perfume in the atomizer. I checked the others and same. I filled one again to see what happened and same thing occurs about 1 month later. Put perfume in these and it evaporates! Don't buy these. 


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