Friday, October 26, 2012

Review+Swatches - Floss Gloss Pro Nail Lacquers

You’d have to be living under a rock not to know how huge nail polish is these days. The market seems saturated but there is a new brand amongst us called FLOSS GLOSS. So what makes their Nail Lacquers ($8 @ different from other lines? The line was launched in 2011 after one of the founders just couldn’t find colors she liked and started mixing her own.

Besides these being free of the yucks found in cheap-o polish like DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde, they also pride themselves in getting full coverage on the nail with just one swipe.

Click after the pic for more pictures and swatches!


Floss-Gloss-Pro-Nail-Lacquer-in-Dimepiece-Tanlines-Party-Bruise-bottles-2 Floss-Gloss-Pro-Nail-Lacquer-in-Dimepiece-Tanlines-Party-Bruise-bottles Floss-Gloss-Pro-Nail-Lacquer-in-Dimepiece-Tanlines-Party-Bruise-bottles-3

Shown here: Tanlines (pinto bean brown, so warm-so tan), Dimepiece (silver holographic glitter. Glitter coverage you won’t believe), Partybruise (inspired by that bruise whose origins are unknown)


A few things I think make this line stand out besides the fun name:

  • The colors are pretty much a one coat deal. See the picture of Tanlines?
  • The polishes are made in California.
  • Did you read the color descriptions! That’s from them, not me. So fun!!

And you know how difficult it is to remove glitter nail polish? Well know that this Dimepiece one isn't hard at all. No soaking the nail with acetone. Yes, it's a little more work than the other polishes but not in anyway like removing other glitter polishes.

Do you have room in your heart for another polish line?

Choose from 12 colors and a Base and Top Gloss.

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.


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