Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Cheek Pick – IT Cosmetics Vitality Cheek Flush

Cheeks are big this season, as in defining them, so make sure you have the latest shades and technology on your side. And like I’ve said before, get one that’s multi-purpose or double-duty like IT COSMETICSnew Vitality Cheek Flush ($24 @ though I’m not quite sold on the whole “infusing anti-aging ingredients inside makeup.” I mean, does the average person wear enough of it to reap the rewards? Or is this just a cosmetics trend. Things that make you go hmmm…

Anyway, in addition to these containing some major anti-aging ingredients, they are also a first ever, powder blush stain.

So how do they perform? Click after the pic to find out and to see more photos and swatches.


IT-Cosmetics-Vitality-Cheek-Flush-mainIT-Cosmetics-Vitality-Cheek-Flush-box-back IT-Cosmetics-Vitality-Cheek-Flush-in-Pretty-in-Peony-Radian-in-Rose-and-Magical-Mauve-3 IT-Cosmetics-Vitality-Cheek-Flush-in-Pretty-in-Peony-Radian-in-Rose-and-Magical-MauveI feel like IT Cosmetics is the tarte of today. Once upon a time, tarte was small and up and coming and now they play with the big boys because the quality and innovation is there. And with IT, ditto. They are ready to play!

Back to these blushes – the pressed powder itself is pretty soft when applying a brush, so use a light hand, and I mean l-i-g-h-t. Maybe that’s the technology inside these because it is a powder stain? Needless-to-say, the formulas are pretty pigmented and lasted about 5 hours on my cheeks. Now that's impressive. 

IT-Cosmetics-Vitality-Cheek-Flush-in-Radiant-in-Rose-up-close IT-Cosmetics-Vitality-Cheek-Flush-in-Pretty-in-Peony-up-close IT-Cosmetics-Vitality-Cheek-Flush-in-Magical-in-Mauve-up-closeIT-Cosmetics-Vitality-Cheek-Flush-in-Pretty-in-Peony-Radian-in-Rose-and-Magical-Mauve-swatchesFrom L to R: Radiant in Rose, Pretty in Peony, Magical in Mauve

And I used one of their brushes to apply these, their French Boutique Blush Brush ($34.50). The cruelty-free plastic-handled brush has a bubble in the middle where you hold onto it for easier maneuvering.

Big recommendation on both of these!

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.


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