Sunday, October 07, 2012

An Objet d'Love from Naked Princess

What is the most decadent beauty product you know? When you think of total luxury, what comes to mind? Or how about a gift you’d probably never buy for yourself? Well, I’m putting this next product into all those groups. It’s NAKED PRINCESS’ Objet d’Love Luxurious Lip Treatment and what makes this one so special? Click after the jump to explore what’s inside the box below.


Naked-Princess-Objet-d'Love-Luxurious-Lip-Treatment-in-box Naked-Princess-Objet-d'Love-Luxurious-Lip-Treatment-avec-pouch Naked-Princess-Objet-d'Love-Luxurious-Lip-TreatmentThis is more of an anti-aging treatment for the lips than a lip balm. Yes, it will heal and nourish lips but it also contains some exotic anti-aging ingredients like Matcha Green Tea & Shea butter plus a peptide lip plumper and claims to stimulate collagen production.

Choose from Vanille Blanc (shown here) and Shiso Mint for $50/3g @ And you can get refills for the sphere for $22.


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