Friday, August 24, 2012

Pureology Precious Oil System

I really liked PUREOLOGY’s Precious Oil recently but little did I know they would base a whole collection around it called, easy enough, the Precious Oil System.

It’s comprised of a Precious Oil Shamp’Oil ($29/8.5oz), Precious Oil Conditioner ($29/8.5oz), Precious Oil Softening Hair Masque ($50/5.2oz) and the aforementioned Precious Oil Versatile Caring Oil ($40/4.2oz, $12/1oz).

Pureology-Precious-Oil-Hair-CollectionThe standout product from this line up is the unique Shamp’Oil. First, it’s infused with oil, it contains zero sulfates, like the rest of the line, and this one has a unique delivery system. It’s able to deeply penetrate each strand 4x’s more than the average shampoo to nourish from the inside out. It reminds me of some skin care lines that use nano-peptides to deliver the ingredients deeply into the skin. So I guess it was only a matter of time before the hair care companies started using the technology.

And did I mention the pleasant scent lasted in my strands well into the next day? Now that's rare. Love these products!

And on a side note, when did the brand change out their packaging to these stubby bottles? I like them but they are just so different from the graceful giraffe-like bottles they used since the beginning of the brand. All @


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