Monday, May 14, 2012

Zoya Summer 2012 Nail Polish - Beach Collection

I’m happy to have self-proclaimed Nail-ista, Morishia, review the latest from ZOYA. They just came out with the Beach Collection and the Ocean Collection. Let’s take a look at Beach and Ocean will post next week. Take it away Morishia!

Ever since the first stroke of a ZOYA Nail Polish to my nails a while back, I've been a big fan. They really had me at "hello." I have the latest Beach collection, and all the colors are amazing. Sun-bleached peach in Arizona reminds me of Bryce Canyon light.


Zoya-Nail-Polish-in-Reagan Zoya-Nail-Polish-in-Lara Zoya-Nail-Polish-in-ShelbyThe pinks and roses, Reagan, Lara, and Shelby, are streaked skies at dusk over the Pacific. I decided to go for something a little more exotic than my usual base-lacquer-top coat route, seeing how great these colors are. Given the fact I'd recently seen a photo tutorial about how to create gradient effects, that became my goal. I selected two colors I thought exemplified the transition from spring into summer that complemented each other: the pale sea-grass green of Tracie, and the cool faded blue of Wednesday. Each color is terrific, and I'll be more than happy to use them individually. Put them together as a gradient, and you've got yourself a summer's day at a cottage on Cape Cod.

Zoya-Nail-Polish-in-Tracie Zoya-Nail-Polish-in-WednesdayOn with Orly's all-natural base bonder, which works extremely well with the Zoya formula. Next, mix the colors with a toothpick on a plastic palette board. Apply mixed colors (blue Wednesday at the tip, green Tracie near my cuticles). The lacquer went on smooth, thick and even, which was a big surprise, given that I was using a small sponge to apply them. After the color had a minute to set, I used two thin layers of quick-dry top coat to even out the surface (sponges do have their limits, Zoya or no). Gorgeous. A sublime gradient, with both colors showing to great advantage.

Zoya-Beach-Collection-by-MorishiaI already know I'm going to get admiring looks all week with this manicure. I can't wait to show my nails off, courtesy of Zoya. The only thing missing is a salty sea breeze. $10 @


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