Friday, March 23, 2012

Hall of Fame *review* Davines NouNou Pak Hair Mask

Davines NouNou Pak Nourishing Hair MaskDavines NouNou Pak Nourishing Hair Mask – Hall of Fame Worthy?

Pros – a deep conditioner for dry, stressed hair.
Cons – can only be found online.

Does it stay in the Hall of Fame?

I think my hair has changed to where this one just doesn’t seem to work as well as it once did. Sorry Davines!



Tasyana Siouras

Actually you are able to find Davines products in salons in the UK, USA, France and Canada. If you go on the corporate website they have a section with the names of all the salons that sell their products.

Tasyana Siouras

Samuel David

We both sell this product online and in salon and are based in Bristol, UK. We stock the whole davines range and for the price and quality you really can't beat them! :-)


The salon I work in in Australia sells Davines products! Including the Nounou pak! They are beautiful products and like Samuel said, you can't beat them!

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