Sunday, February 05, 2012

Cybelesays Special Report - ISSE 2012

The International Salon & Spa Expo (ISSE) just came through Long Beach, CA last weekend and of course I was there one of the afternoons to do some trend spotting. It attracts anyone who works in the hair and nail salon and it gets packed with exhibitors and lookie-loos all there for the latest and greatest in the industry. So what caught my eye? Click after the jump.


All the major salon brands were in attendance in the hair category (TIGI, Rusk, Moroccanoil) and nails (Orly, OPI, Essie) and they were of course promoting their latest collections and products. But I was after the new, rare and gems in the bunch so let me show you what I saw, in pictures of course.

ISSE-2012-Groovy-NailsHow cool are these nails? I just couldn't rock these on a daily basis!

Orly was promoting their latest collection, Cool Romance

I love Dashing Diva's DesignFX collection of nail appliques. So many fun styles!

Mary Jo from Dashing Diva gave one of my nails a French Wrap in hot pink. It still looks great one week later!

random nail art. Wish I could do this!

Ardell's Hauntingnly Fabulous Lashes.

Check out this dryer with a motor by car brand Ferarri. So unexpected!

Moroccanoil's area was huge! One of the bigger booths at the show.

Brazilian Heat introduced two new Conical Irons

I ran into one company called Hair Jewelry that hot irons crystals onto the hair

the clear strip helps with keeping the stone in place while applying heat. They stayed in for about 5 washes

Cool tees from the Michael O'Rourke line

There’s quite a bit of bargain shopping too and here are the items I picked up:

Diane Double Prong Clips 80-pack ($3)
Diane Large Butterfly Hair Clamps ($1)
Premier Soft Hand to use for nail polish swatching $6) – yes, it is kind of creepy looking in person!
2 packs Cala Nail Strips in 86882 and 86859 ($4 each)
Cala Fashion Lashes in 33003
Nail Sticks with clear nails to swatch nail polishes ($2)
Nail board with clear nails to swatch nail polish ($3.50)
6 clear eye shadow pots ($2)
Living Proof Styling Spray ($4)
Osis Air Pomade ($3)


So overall, who won? Hair or Nails? Well, I certainly spent more time looking and playing with nail products, though I did see some products in both categories I'd love to get my hands on like the K-PAK ReconstrX Vaporiron and the It Factor line of hair care that claims to reduce drying time by 50%.

So what was overkill? The number of hair feather companies. That trend is so done. And then there were a lot of brands that had the light-cured nail polishes, which is still so hot and don't see going away anytime soon. I'm not waiting for an at-home one and I might have found one. Stay tuned!


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