Sunday, January 15, 2012

*Warning* - A Scent Only for the Strong!

Like Patty Stanger says, red lips don’t get the guy and I’m not sure this one will either; it’s too confident. And to say this one reminds me of this one is an understatement. If you want unique and edgy all in one, this is one for you to sniff but it for sure won’t be for everyone.

Think Dita Von Teese, Agent Provocateur lingerie, Bauhaus and The Sisters of Mercy (yes, I'm listening to them as I type this up), dark eyelashes, smoke machines and many-a dark B&D club. So what scent am I talking about? Click after the jump!


JULIETTE HAS A GUN just came out with Vengeance Extreme eau de parfum and it’s a chypre frangrance that draws its intensity from Patchouli, Bulgarian rose and vanilla from Madagascar. Patchouli? Yes, I can smell it but it mixes quite nicely with the other notes so it’s not at all hippy. And from what I understand about fragrance, patchouli used more of a base but it stands at the beginning of the list so I’m not sure in this case.

As you can see from the notes, you would guess correctly if you thought the scent itself was quite thick and heavy but know that it’s also 100% sexy and it does have staying power, that’s for sure.

So give it the test to see, does it draw in the man or send him down the lane scared. Bravo JHAG! $135/3oz @ and


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