Saturday, January 07, 2012

Sally Hansen Little Details Point-Tip Tweezers

I have a hard time throwing out tweezers when they don’t work anymore. I just hold onto them hoping they will suddenly work but this doesn’t stop me from buying or acquiring more. My latest purchase is SALLY HANSEN Little Details Point-Tip Tweezers with Safety Cap


I don’t have a good one that is pointed to grab at super short hairs or ones that are in-grown. These tweezers are stainless steel and quite sharp at the tip (be careful!), and the price is soooo right for $4.99 in drugstores nationwide or

Sally-Hansen-Little-Details-Point-Tip-Tweezer-with-Safety-Cap Sally-Hansen-Little-Details-Point-Tip-Tweezer-with-Safety-Cap-shot-2 Sally-Hansen-Little-Details-Point-Tip-Tweezer-with-Safety-Cap-shot-3


stacey bicovny

Love all of the colors included in the color pallette in the giveaway


Good luck, Stacey!!


Sally Hansen makes great tweezers!

Heather McD

The tweezers look like they could get any annoying hair you want plucked but it looks like it could easily hurt you too.

I am commenting for the color palette giveaway.

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