Monday, January 23, 2012

Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24Hr Cream Gel Shadows - the Colors

I’m really into bright, fun eye shadows these days and especially swatching them for the site. The latest to that have me excited is from the MAYBELLINE NEW YORK line. They recently came out with 10 EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24Hr Cream Gel Shadows and to review and swatch these, I’m breaking them up into two groups- the colors and the neutrals. Let’s attack the colors first.


These are a gel-cream and contain a special ink technology for a hike in color pigments.

Maybelline-Color-Tattoo-by-Eye-Studio-24hr-Eye-Shadow-in-10-Fierce-&-Tangy#10 Fierce & Tangy – tangerine orange (“Hello Pantone? I’d like to submit myself for the spot-on color of the year 2012.”)

Maybelline-Color-Tattoo-by-Eye-Studio-24hr-Eye-Shadow-in-10-Fierce-&-Tangy-up-close-2 Maybelline-Color-Tattoo-by-Eye-Studio-24hr-Eye-Shadow-in-10-Fierce-&-Tangy-swatch Maybelline-Color-Tattoo-by-Eye-Studio-24hr-Eye-Shadow-in-20-Painted-Purple-with-cap#20 Painted Purple – medium purple violet

Maybelline-Color-Tattoo-by-Eye-Studio-24hr-Eye-Shadow-in-20-Painted-Purple-up-close-2 Maybelline-Color-Tattoo-by-Eye-Studio-24hr-Eye-Shadow-in-20-Painted-Purple-swatch Maybelline-Color-Tattoo-by-Eye-Studio-24hr-Eye-Shadow-in-30-Pomegranate-Punk-with-cap#30 Pomegranate Punk – shimmery burgundy

Maybelline-Color-Tattoo-by-Eye-Studio-24hr-Eye-Shadow-in-30-Pomegranate-Punk-up-close Maybelline-Color-Tattoo-by-Eye-Studio-24hr-Eye-Shadow-in-30-Pomegranate-Punk-swatch
Maybelline-Color-Tattoo-by-Eye-Studio-24hr-Eye-Shadow-in-40-Tenacious-Teal#40 Tenacious Teal – blue with silver shimmer


#50 Edgy Emerald – shimmery aqua-teal

Maybelline-Color-Tattoo-by-Eye-Studio-24hr-Eye-Shadow-in-50-Edgy-Emerald-up-close-2 Maybelline-Color-Tattoo-by-Eye-Studio-24hr-Eye-Shadow-in-50-Edgy-Emerald-swatchSo how did they wear? First, I wore I Nuovi’s Eye Base Eyeshadow Perfecting Base on my lids before applying. I don’t believe in anything that says it will last 24-hours and you think having the name tattoo in the title would also mean it would last but only a few of these faired pretty well, namely the Pomegranate Punk and Fierce & Tangy. They both were creamy, nice wearable shades and didn't crease after an hour, especially the Pom Punk. The Fi & Tan might be a little more challeging for some because it is such a bright orange.

I sure had high hopes for the Tenacious Teal because it swatched nicely and because of the awesome ad above but it creased in about 30 minutes on the lid and the Painted Purple just had problems from the start as you can see from the picture but it looks good in the glass jar.

$6.99 @

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.


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