Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy-2012So it’s January 1st – do you know when the last time you changed out your toothbrush? Breaking out a new one would be a great way to start the year off. How about the very colorful ones from REACH by Design? Their Toothbrushes are manufactured with the latest in technology and since I had braces on my teeth forever, I am always curious about the latest and greatest.

REACH-by-Design-Winter-2012-Curator-Collection-2And they can be small sticks of art now. The brand recently collaborated with Interior Designer and Reality Star Jeff Lewis and Fashion Designer Shoshanna Gruss for a collection of ones will be carry called the Winter 2012 Curator Collection. And according to the link, they have come out with design collections since 2009. How unique!

Get the designer ones and others @



Happy New Year to you! I just changed my toothbrush. I try to remember every 3 months and it had been about that, plus I figured doing it at the first of the year would be easy to remember. I'm a big believer in frequently changing it to stay healthy.


Hi Kelli! I have a hard time remembering just short of writing a date on the handle!

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